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Jochen’s Journey: a Physicist in our Chemical and Pharmaceutical Company

Can you tell a little bit what you do and how a typical day looks like?

A physicist leading an application laboratory

Hello everyone! My name is Jochen Pfister and I am working since more than ten years for our company in the headquarter in Darmstadt/Germany. Since we are a global company the facets of everyday work are so highly various, colorful and interesting. I love coming to the company every morning, expecting teamwork with brilliant people and pushing the boundaries for technological development in order to enhance human progress.

In the research & development laboratory I am heading, we are conducting physics experiments on our cutting-edge materials that are used to produce OLED* displays for smartphones, tablets and TV sets as well as automotive applications by our customers mainly in Asia.

That means that my daily routine consists mainly of making sure physics experiments are running smoothly (in the cleanroom as well as in the measurement lab). When we are testing our materials, it is all about physical data like relations between voltage, current and amount of light output under various conditions.

Furthermore I am taking care of the professional development of my team, going to meetings with colleagues regarding laboratory and infrastructure as well as scientifically discussing how our next high performance chemical structures might look like. But on the other hand making strategic decisions on how to enhance the lab equipment and how to do maintenance of our tools in a clever way.(*OLED = Organic Light Emitting Diode – in contrast to Liquid Crystals which is the most commonly used display technology – those materials are also provided by our company)

Are there any skills or experiences from your personal life that have made a positive impact on your professional role? 

Working with people, working with data, being proud to enhance human living  

I think being structured working style in a research and development surrounding brings the biggest impact. Due to personal reasons I have to be very structured and concise. Since the frequency of innovation for new products is very high in our industry, this asset helps me a lot in being impactful in my job. 

Especially in those discussions with my colleagues in Korea or China for example, I love the cultural richness our company provides and the intercultural exchange. Diversity, equity and inclusion are important aspects of our work. This totally mirrors my personal standpoint where I love being surrounded by different cultures – either at home or travelling the world. 

I feel proud when I get to know our materials are qualified in a certain smartphone or TV model. There I directly see the impact of my work and how my curiosity has an effect on human progress. Having worked for an electronic device which hundreds of millions of people use every day, honors my everyday work. 

When you're not working, what do you love doing? Do you find time to give back or engage in any volunteer activities?

Volunteering in local sports club

Of course, you always need some counterpart to your work, which gives you energy for the next day. In my spare time I conduct karate classes in the local sports club of my hometown. There I teach and guide the 9 to 14 years old youths in enhancing their karate skills and support them in order to graduate for the next belts. I have been practicing this martial art for 28 years and I still enjoy it.

Furthermore, I like to be in nature and mainly go hiking. Being in fresh air energizes me a lot and you can discover many things you normally do not see when rushing by with a car for example. Last year I was trekking in Nepal for the first time and that was a real lifetime experience (which I want to repeat).

A quote that fuels me in both my personal and professional journey:

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious”

By Albert Einstein



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