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And learn how she is working her magic in Upstream Bioprocessing.

Rain’s Journey: Technical Application Expert making Impact in Life & Health with Science

Could you tell me a bit about what you do at the company and what your typical day looks like?

Navigating Upstream Bioprocessing: A Day in the Life as Technical Application Expert

Hello, everyone! My name is Rain Lee. In my role as an Upstream Technical Application Expert, my daily routine revolves around partnering with biopharmaceutical clients, leveraging my technical expertise to cater to their unique needs. A significant part of my day is dedicated to offering technical guidance to our clients. This entails a deep dive into their upstream bioprocessing requirements, including aspects like cell lines, culture conditions, media selection, and bioreactor applications. I collaborate with clients to understand their challenges and provide tailored solutions. But that's not all; I'm a firm believer in teamwork. Working hand in hand with colleagues from various departments, such as Sales, MSAT*, Product Management, Marketing, Customer Excellence, R&D*, and Strategy, is a core part of my job. This collaborative effort allows me to relay valuable customer feedback and requirements, which, in turn, helps us develop comprehensive solutions and enhance our products and services.

(*MSAT = Manufacturing Sciences And Technology; R&D = Research & Development)

What's the most rewarding and challenging part of your job?

Fulfilling Impact: Embracing Collaboration and Adaptability in the Dynamic World of Biopharmaceuticals

The best part of my role is witnessing the real impact of my work on our clients' operations and the outcomes they achieve. Knowing that my expertise contributes to the development of crucial therapies for patients gives my work a deeper sense of purpose. What I truly love about my job is the collaboration. We come together as a diverse and inclusive team, focusing on our clients' challenges. Through a mix of science, innovative thinking, and a collective approach, we tackle these problems head-on, striving for positive impacts. The biopharmaceutical industry is dynamic, with evolving technologies, regulations, and market trends. The challenging aspect is keeping up with these changes and adapting solutions accordingly requires continuous learning and adaptability. But hey, that's what keeps things interesting!

Do you find time to give back or engage in any volunteer activities, via the company or through your own involvement?

Sustainability in Action: Empowering Communities through Beach & Coastal Clean-Up 

I'm excited to be part of the Green Champions team, driving voluntary beach and coastal clean-up efforts across Singapore. These activities not only foster sustainability but also connect us with the community, showing the impact we can make. It's incredible to see how this engagement inspires and empowers fellow employees, highlighting our purpose and our positive influence on society.

How do you strike a good balance between work and personal life? How do you make sure you have time for your own hobbies and interests?

Balancing Act: Prioritizing Well-being in a Time-Pressed World

Managing time effectively between work and personal life is vital. I recall the pandemic lockdown when the urgency of supporting clients in developing COVID vaccines & treatments consumed much of my time, sometimes to the point where I neglected my own well-being. Realizing the toll it took, I made a significant shift. I started prioritizing my physical and mental health by integrating activities like morning runs, team badminton on Mondays, and mindfulness exercises into my daily routine, treating it as non-negotiable personal commitments.

A quote that fuels me in both my personal and professional journey:

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

By Abraham Lincoln & Peter Drucker



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