Natural Inspiration

Humans have often looked to nature for inspiration – for science, technology, and even the arts. In collaboration with the Munich natural history museum BIOTOPIA, we have set out on a musical experiment to explore the fascinating connection between nature, science, and technology. Listen and wonder!


Watch Karel Hacker making music by capturing the electrical impulses that plants generate in the process of photosynthesis. For BIOTOPIA festival “Sense” 2022, Karel created the song “Primordial Connection” by playing with nature on a sunny August day in Botanical Garden Munich-Nymphenburg.

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  • “Primordial Connection” by Karel Hacker

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Not only the arts take inspiration from nature: dive into scientific breakthroughs our company is pursuing, and marvel at the creativity of nature.

“If we look closely and learn from Mother Earth, we can walk down a path with nature that will be good for all of us.”

Karel Hacker