Junior Visions Prize

Ideas for a More Sustainable Future

Imagination… kids have it in abundance! So, to pursue new solutions for global challenges, we invited our colleagues’ children to share ideas for a more sustainable future. After an overwhelming response, with over 100 submissions, we proudly present the top 10 entries, with commentary from Nature Plants Chief Editor Chris Surridge…

Bruce Beutler Freigestellt Bruce Beutler Freigestellt

It is easy to forget that to do Science needs creativity, imagination and a desire to play with the world around us. Children have no difficulty seeing in this way so it is wonderfully refreshing to let them lead us into possible futures. We have no idea where they might take us!

Chris Surridge Chief Editor at Nature Plants

Meet the Winners!

Creative and inspiring: Our gold, silver, and bronze winners received the most votes from curious minds across the globe. Congratulations!


"There’s so much involved in the idea and it all ties together very well! Realizing that plastics are an organic material, and not substantially different from plants and so imagining ways that waste could be used to support growth is fun. Tackling climate change gives the idea an inquiring twist. Certainly worthwhile!" C. Surridge

"Seeding rainclouds is certainly possible and could be extremely useful for agriculture. There is an inquisitive mind at work, thinking about the consequences of such a weather controller. The illustration is lovely and shows all aspects of the idea – including a rainbow!" C. Surridge

"Nice to see how Julia identifies knowledge as the key to solving problems. I’d love to be able to learn things more quickly, especially new skills!" C. Surridge

Meet the Runners-Up!

Imaginative and exciting: Discover more fascinating ideas from our seven runners-up, as voted by curious online audiences. Congratulations!


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