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Gain fascinating insights into our Business Sectors, on the topic of Sustainability, the Site of the Future, and our commitment to combating the Corona pandemic. Your journey of discovery starts here!

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany is a vibrant team of specialists in Healthcare, Life Science and Electronics. We share a love of science and a passion for technology. Our products are everywhere.

About our Businesses
Performance Materials is now Electronics
Electronics starts with us

Innovation in Electronics is driven at the atomic level. This is where we enable smaller, brighter, faster, more impactful, more energy efficient solutions. Our excellence with atoms fuels our customers’ success. It’s how we deliver with such precision, purity, reliability and safety. Electronics at a glance

We invest in the future

We believe that scientific exploration and responsible entrepreneurship are key to technological advances that benefit us all. This is how our company has thrived since 1668. And we will continue to push the boundaries of possibility to create opportunities for everyone. This is what drives us. This is what we work for. This is our future.

  • Eyes on Sustainability

    We use science and technology as a force for good to solve many of humanity's most pressing challenges. With our strategy we strive to create long-term value for society.

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  • Sustainability goals

    The United Nations has launched the Agenda 2030 with 17 goals for the sustainable development of the world. We want to contribute to their achievement.

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  • Human Disposal

    Can our Collective Curiosity for a Sustainable Future Revolutionize the Food Packaging Industry and Reduce Waste Production?

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Facts & Figures


Vaccine manufacturers are supported by us with products and services


Covid-19 test systems use raw materials and services from our company


Monoclonal antibodies, plasma products and antiviral drugs rely on our company