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Compliance – responsible entrepreneurship in accordance with the law – is one of our primary considerations worldwide. For us, however, there is more to compliance than simply adhering to regulatory provisions. We consistently aspire to act in accordance with the principles defined in our values and believe that profitability should go hand in hand with the highest ethical standards. We also support responsible governance initiatives to go above and beyond of today's requirements.

Our Values

It’s not just the results that count, but also how they are achieved. This is why we rely on our company values for guidance. Our values make us strong – if we live by them each and every day.

Stefan Oschmann

Chairman of the Executive Board & CEO

Fully Transparent

Our Healthcare products, from prescription medicines to over-the-counter products, help people across the world live healthier lives. We support a number of initiatives to promote research and to provide people all over the world with better access to health. This support is a reflection of our values, and the contributions are not intended to influence any decisions of these organizations. Complete transparency is very important to us in this area.

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Data protection and confidentiality is important to us: we adhere to applicable national and European data protection regulations.

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