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Our aspiration is to make great things happen

With our research-driven specialty businesses, we help patients, customers, partners and our communities around the world to live a better life. We deliver entrepreneurial success through innovation.

We are not content to simply manage the status quo. We want to make great things happen. We want to continuously improve ourselves and to pursue ambitious goals: We want to grow profitably with the best products and services in the businesses in which we are active. We are always striving internally for the most efficient solution. We want to offer our employees superior development and career opportunities. And we want our activities to help address worldwide challenges – through our products as well as through our commitment to society.

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, is active in research- driven specialty businesses. Whether in pharmaceuticals, high-tech materials, or in life science technologies, we focus on profitable, high-margin products that meet special requirements. Our products and services have two things in common: Firstly, they contribute to improving the quality of life for patients and customers. Secondly, they consistently fulfill high quality standards. Patients and customers all over the world can depend on the quality of products made by our company. By including our partners as well as our communities in the mission statement, we affirm our commitment to fulfilling our social, economic and ecological responsibilities.

Innovative products, services and processes form the basis for long-term, profitable growth. But entrepreneurial success starts with people. Our employees think and act as dedicated entrepreneurs who want to make great things happen. In other words: We are living innovation.


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