Laser marking

Customize surfaces with laser marking: facilitating stunning aesthetics, new branding and identification options.

Marking form and function

Our laser-sensitive Iriotec® 8000 pigment series for simplified marking of powder-coated and plastic parts:

  • Enable permanent and high-resistant markings in nearly all polymers
  • Execute contact-free marking even of curved parts
  • Avoid surface damage to the powder coating
  • Benefit from the inline-marking process
  • Reduce costs for consumables (no ink) 

Laser mark powder-coated and plastic components with functional or decorative markings: from basic text to photorealistic design to any kind of code. The additives activate the matrix and allow economic,
durable, and fast marking – directly in the polymer, on any powder-coated metal or plastic surface, and without any pretreatment required. 

"Thanks to quick-as-a-flash reaction to laser light, you can now laser mark thin laser applications like films or powder-coated materials."

Stefan Gutberlet

Marketing & Sales