Materials for OLED lighting

Exclusive interior and exterior lighting: matching the shapes of imagination.

Optimized lighting

Energy-efficient OLED materials for interior and exterior lighting:

  • Energy-efficient lighting elements
  • Ultra-thin, low-weight shapes
  • Real area lighting for striking 3D effects
  • Transparent and mirror design surfaces

OLEDs have the potential to revolutionize car lighting. Designers are free to create completely new lighting concepts, for example for brake lights and turn signals as well as for interior car illumination. OLEDs are thin, flat and can be flexible. Furthermore, they are transparent when switched off. Combining these characteristics, OLEDs can achieve striking 3D effects.

With its homogeneous light emission and high color reproduction, the area light emitted by organic diodes follows the safety requirements for road traffic according to the motto “see and be seen.”

Lightweight automotive construction is yet another trend in which OLEDs offer a particular advantage because they weigh almost nothing. Free-form OLED lighting panels could be manufactured to fit the shape of the car body, serving as a luminous outer layer.


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