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Design and surfaces

Transforming vehicles inside and outside with emerging technologies.

Weather-resistant exteriors

Weather-resistant effect pigments for exterior coatings:

  • Are designed for high performance in outdoor applications
  • Brighten up coatings with subtle to living-sparkle effects
  • Yield high chroma for strong and deep colors 

Use the unlimited styling potential of weather-stable effect pigments in car coatings to underscore the car body’s beauty; set your brand apart from the competition.

Unleashing interior colors

Powerful effect pigments for interior applications:

  • Make colors more vibrant
  • Are applicable on a variety of materials such as leather, textile, and plastic
  • Can be used in various application techniques such as powder, liquid, and coil coating

Open a huge field of design and color possibilities to add value to car interiors.

Giving the laser treatment

Laser-write conductive pathways of 50-100 μm line width directly onto plastic or powder-coated components, thus creating 3D MIDs (mechatronic integrated devices). Special light-colored laser pigments allow electroless plating after laser treatment. 

Our Iriotec® 8000 series enables state-of-the-art 3D MID laser direct structuring (LDS) for light-colored powder-coated and plastic components:

  • Omits the extra IC board – LDS integrates conductive pathways onto electronic components
  • Goes beyond the classic flat 2D IC board – enjoy new design freedom in construction
  • Facilitates last-minute changes in construction 

Marking form and function

Our laser-sensitive Iriotec® 8000 pigment series for simplified marking of powdered-coated and plastic parts:

  • Enable permanent and high-resistant markings in nearly all polymers
  • Execute contact-free marking even of curved parts
  • Avoid surface damage to the powder coating
  • Benefit from the inline-marking process
  • Reduce costs for consumables (no ink) 

Laser-mark powder-coated and plastic components with functional or decorative markings: from basic text to photorealistic design to any kind of code. The additives activate the matrix and allow economic, durable, and fast marking – directly in the polymer, on any powder-coated metal or plastic surface, and without any pretreatment required. 

Thanks to quick-as-a-flash reaction to laser light, you can now laser-mark thin-laser applications like films or powder-coated materials.

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Marketing & Sales

Optimized coatings

Light-colored conductive pigments for electrically conductive primer applications:

  • Enable electrostatic application (ESTA) of plastic components
  • Create perfect light-colored coatings with exceptionally smooth surfaces
  • Reduce the amount of costly base coat material needed

Match plastic parts perfectly to adjacent car body parts made of metal. Light or colorful car coatings in particular can unfold their full effect owing to the light masstone color of Iriotec® 7300-based conductive primers. 

Is scratch-proof possible?

Multifunctional polysilazanes and anti-scratch additives for ultimate protection of a multitude of surfaces:

  • Preserve and protect interior and exterior car surfaces
  • Permit high-performance coatings for heat-enduring components
  • Keep the car coating pristine and scratch-protected for a long time
  • Are suitable for nearly all surfaces

Protect the beauty of auto surfaces against heat, corrosion, scratches, friction, and dirt with Durazane® – a real ceramic coating. With Tivida® anti-scratch particles, the glossy top coat of a car will be effectively and durably protected from any scratches. 


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