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Our advanced display technologies provide new form and function possibilities for your automobile.

Proven, durable displays

High-performance liquid crystals for displays: 

  • Enable temperature-stable, outstandingly durable displays for all seasons
  • Encompass established and new technologies proven at major LCD panel suppliers
  • Are available through a fully developed global supply chain
  • Allow innovative display designs

Use advanced liquid crystal technologies to enable high-res displays with a wide color gamut and high dynamic range for superb picture quality and low power consumption.

High-contrast OLED materials

OLED materials for high contrast displays:

  • Allow superb brightness and contrast
  • Appear very dark - there is no dark glowing at night
  • Open up new design opportunities for transparent and very thin displays

Our livilux® display materials create displays with high-contrast, brilliant colors and razor-sharp images that can be viewed comfortably from any angle. Learn more about how OLED works.

OLEDs give us a new degree of freedom in designing lighting and screens – your car dashboard may soon look like a spaceship control panel.

Joachim Kaiser

Research & Development

Flexible materials, free-form displays

Flexible display materials for free-form displays:

  • Open up flexible and free-form display design opportunities
  • Suggest new uses for displays
  • Integrate seamlessly into dashboards, doors, seats, etc. 

Integrate flexible and free-form car interior displays where ideally they need to provide a surface curvature in two directions, for example, dashboards, doors, and seats. They can be integrated into existing glass-based production processes or plastic substrates during manufacturing.


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