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Electronics and connectivity

We’re improving automotive connectivity so that you are safely, intelligently connected to the world around you.

Wide-ranging options

Reconfigurable liquid crystals for smart antennas:

  • Use the one-to-many advantage of satellite over LTE 
  • Leverage future cost-effective satellite communications systems 
  • Help to avoid expensive software recalls 
  • Reduce the privacy and software hacking issue 

Equip the connected car with planar LC satellite antennas, and wireless dead zones become a thing of the past.

When you’re driving through the countryside, you realize how much your routine tasks depend on uninterrupted data transmission.

Carsten Fritzsch

Research & Development

High-tech, high-performance

High-tech integrated circuit materials for sensors and other semiconductors:                 

  • Enable reliable and powerful microchips and sensors for assisted and self-driving functionalities
  • Deliver high processing performance for embedded high-tech gadgets

Employ innovative integrated circuit materials for next-generation microchips and sensors to support future automotive technologies.    

Making high performance happen

Eco-friendly packaging solutions for semiconductors:

  • Comply with ROHS and are fully lead-free 
  • Allow high-temperature resistant components that are reliable in the engine compartment 
  • Facilitate a smaller, more integrated component design that enhances performance 

Apply high-end material technologies to eco-friendly, high-temperature, high-performance component packaging for powerful semiconductors.                                                        


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