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Lighting and energy

Our exclusive OLED materials raise the bar for automotive interior and exterior lighting. Liquid crystal managed headlights increase safety.

Optimized lighting

Energy-efficient OLED materials for interior and exterior lighting:        

  • Allow highly energy-efficient lighting elements 
  • Provide a striking 3D effect and real area lighting thanks to very thin shapes with very low weight 
  • Enable transparent and mirror designs 

Design exclusive interior and exterior OLED lighting and enjoy the new design freedom with livilux® OLED materials. 

OLEDs have the potential to revolutionize car lighting. Designers are free to create completely new lighting concepts e.g. for brake lights and turn signals, as well as for interior car illumination. OLEDs are thin and flat, they can be flexible and transparent when off. Combining these characteristics, OLEDs allow achieving striking 3D effects. 

The area light emitted by organic diodes follows the safety requirements for road traffic and according to the motto “see and be seen” with its homogeneous shine and high color reproduction. 

Lightweight automotive construction is yet another trend in which OLEDs offer a particular advantage because they weighting virtually nothing. Free-form OLED lighting panels could be manufactured to fit the shape of the car body, acting as a lit-up outer layer.

How OLEDs work

Adaptive liquid crystals for increased safety

Adaptive liquid crystals for smart lighting:

  • Switch light on the pixel level, allowing very flexible patterning for adapting car headlights to any imaginable situation
  • A high beam headlight would thus provide maximum illumination without blinding oncoming drivers or pedestrians
  • Reduce costs and failure of mechanical solutions

Increase safety with fully adaptive LC-managed light for high-resolution headlights with our liquid crystal materials branded licristal®. 

Adjustable liquid crystal windows

Liquid crystal window (LCW) technology for sunroof shading: 

  • Is tested for tough environmental conditions (UV, temperature) 
  • Allows instant switching (< 1 s) 
  • Demonstrates low haze 
  • Operates on low voltage 
  • Enables a variety of colors 

LCW technology for sunroofs makes the driving experience more comfortable.

Enabling optical solutions

Highest quality coating materials for automotive applications and lighting systems:

  • Enable next-generation driver assistance systems, through high-image-quality camera optics 
  • Robust and scratch-resistant layers that last through all kinds of weather conditions for car mirrors
  • Anti-reflection coatings for all lenses to ensure high light throughput, distortion and flare-free imaging 
  • Patinal® coatings provide optical functionality on polymers for a car's lifetime 

Rely on Patinal® materials for high-quality optical coatings. Choose from over 40 evaporation materials with proven batch-to- batch consistency, stable and reproducible processing, and long-term, global availability. 

Smart and creative integration

Printed organic photovoltaics (OPV) based on our formulations (lisicon®) offers you seamlessly integrated solar solutions as eco-friendly power supply as well as appealing design. Exploit natural and artificial light by integrating organic solar foils in sunroofs or the car interior. 

  • Reduce the size of air-conditioning systems and compensate for leakage current
  • Benefit from the option for CO2 credits 
  • Realize self-sufficient devices in a car’s interior 

Customized illumination

Cutting-edge LED phosphors for customized color rendering:

  • Enables vivid color solutions for light spectrum engineering
  • Tailors LED spectrum for nearly every brand color
  • Offers especially advanced solutions for human-centric lighting by dynamically adjusting the color temperature as well as adapting the LED light spectrum to humans natural circadian rhythm 

Achieve the perfect illumination with our color-converting materials (phosphors). Differentiate vehicles through innovative interior LEDs with isiphor®. 

Only the best

Packaging, structuring and metalorganic precursor materials for LED applications:

  • Incorporate the most reliable encapsulant for LED taillight and/or headlight LED package applications, for example daytime running lights designed for high power applications
  • Implement innovative photoresists that support the latest design style for highest-power LEDs
  • Integrate novel photo-patternable dielectric materials for future LED design trends, for example heads-up displays for augmented driver assistance systems
  • High-purity metalorganic precursors with high batch-to-batch uniformity for improved yield in in LED chip manufacturing

Structure and package LED car applications that meet the highest reliability requirements in the industry. Our superior LED packaging materials with isiphor® are designed for harsh environmental conditions and high-power applications. 


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