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Safety and security

In the automotive world, safety and security are key.

Can a car see?

Safer cars see more. Cameras play a key role in state of the art driver assistance systems on millions of cars on the road today as well as in autonomous driving in the future. 

Our Patinal® portfolio provides the highest quality coating materials for camera optics and mirrors:

Camera optics

  • Over 40 materials for optical thin films
  • Whole range of low-, medium-, and high-refractive index materials
  • High-density and crystalline materials
  • Wide transparency range

Car mirrors

  • Durable and scratch-resistant layers
  • Clear rear view over car’s lifetime
  • Robust and scratch-resistant layers that last through all kinds of weather conditions

Exterior car cameras

  • Anti-reflection coatings for all lenses to ensure high light throughput, distortion- and flare-free imaging
  • Coating materials for night vision applications
  • Water-and-smudge-repellent top coating

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Adaptable security

Invisible security solutions for anti-counterfeiting:

  • Incorporate invisible taggants that can be detected only by special readers
  • Address quality issues of intermediate or potential threats of imitations

Respond to supply chain challenges caused by globalization, and incorporate taggants into literally any kind of material with Securalic®. Be aware that product liability remains with the respective manufacturer. 

Securalic® taggants

Securalic® taggants for product authentication help you protect consumer goods against counterfeiting Learn more about Securalic®


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