Our Innovations & Operations

We strive continually to develop our brands in ways that are novel, surprising and radically useful. This goes both for product development and the ways in which our brands communicate with consumers.

Our Innovations: Our Consumer Centric Innovation

The goal

We want to develop products that make a difference to consumers’ lives.


The approach

For us, innovation involves transforming deep consumer insights into excellent, highly targeted products that meet our consumers’ specific health needs. Therefore, innovation at Consumer Health is a multi-faceted, multi-functional, holistic effort. Starting from truly understanding the consumers’ needs and carrying these needs through ideation, prototyping, manufacturing, and eventual maintenance of the product in the market through its life cycle. While R&D drives the science and regulatory compliance, all other functions are also critical contributors to the success of an innovation – because success lies in providing a solution that truly solves the consumer’s inherent need.


Consumer labs

We believe that sharing ideas openly with our consumers leads to better results for everyone. In our labs, at which consumers meet with our R&D teams, we present our concepts and obtain valuable feedback. This dynamic approach enables us to quickly adapt our concepts based on this feedback and to improve our products.


Concept screening

When we have selected the most promising ideas, we introduce them to our concept screening panels. These are much larger groups, of sufficient size to provide an accurate measure of consumer response. From here, the best ideas enter our innovation pipeline for further research and development.

We’re proud of our consumer-centric approach, placing our consumers’ needs above – for example – any product or ingredient. We’re also confident that our consumer research places us among the most innovative and robust consumer research centers in the consumer health sector and beyond.


Our operations: committed to excellence

Our Global Operations team sits at the heart of the Consumer Health business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. They manage our manufacturing processes and supply chain and work hard to ensure that our products adhere to high quality standards.

We employ more than 1,000 people in 30 countries. From our production sites all over the world, we produce almost 6 billion tablets per year.

We frequently collaborate with other areas of our business as well as with external organizations. These collaborations give our team a wealth of new experience and help to strengthen the bonds that make our company a global leader in pharmaceuticals. For example, working with our chemicals and pigments business has helped to shape the team in Spittal to produce tablets with attractive, shiny, brilliant white coatings and working as a contract manufacturer gives the Spittal plant understanding and experience of many different technologies and processes.

Our work touches the lives of millions of people. We produce over 3,000 different products and sell them in more than 80 countries outside the United States and Canada. We’re proud to be making a difference to the health and well-being of our consumers. 

Where we are - Our global footprint

Our operations team spans the globe. Together with our three major manufacturing sites in Austria, India and Indonesia, and our Biopharma sites in Germany, Mexico and Brazil, we work with more than 100 contract manufacturing organizations in over 30 countries.

Spittal, Austria

At Spittal, we manufacture and package a range of solid, semisolid and liquid medicines and dietary supplements for Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, and for 3rd party customers as a contract manufacturing organization (CMO). Our technologies include sugar and film coating, two- and three-layer tablets as well as the processing of flammable solvents. We are a global Consumer Health competence center for solid and semisolid manufacturing. We also undertake product development, analytics and regulatory compliance activities on site.


Goa, India

In India, we are specialized in sterile injectables and soft gelatine capsules, manufactured to highest standards of quality and safety. The products in our portfolio include sterile products such as Neurobion Forte and Polybion, and soft gelatine capsules including Seven Seas, Evion and Mexapa.


Jakarta, Indonesia

The plant in Jakarta has its own product development laboratory, helping to rapidly and efficiently refine products per changing market needs. Because most of the markets supplied by our Indonesian branch are in a hot and very humid climatic zone, the facility has perfected robust product formulations, manufacturing processes, packaging and distribution processes to ensure products reach consumers as appropriate and maintain their integrity throughout the product lifespan.



Our Global Contract Manufacturing Team manages contracts with more than 100 contract manufacturers in over 30 countries, who are responsible for producing more than 1,000 different product types (known as stock keeping units, or SKU's). The team works to ensure that these important suppliers consistently meet high standards of quality, performance and compliance, and work closely with our Supply Chain Management team who handle day-to day interactions with our contract manufacturers.

Healthcare disclaimer

This section of our website includes information about certain topics related to the global healthcare business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.  For more specific information about the company’s healthcare business in the United States and Canada, please visit our EMD Serono website.

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