Color of the Year 2020

2020 - All about Blue! Discover this year’s color: Classic Blue!


Blue represents one of the most vital elements in nature and is a shade favored by most people. While generally, classic blue depicts an ambiance of serenity, in cosmetics it can suggest a sophisticated but also whimsical image. 

As we look back in history, blue made a profound appearance in the 60’s as well as the 80’s in cosmetics. The looks range from pastel blue eye shadow for a charming vintage look to popping blue color for a funky night out. We have a variety of blue effect pigments up our sleeve for you, now that 80’s elements are forecasted to make a comeback.

We work in close collaboration with renown trend forecasting agencies to offer you a wide range of matching effects and colors. Take your pick from numerous interference and body colored blues. From classic shades like cobalt, navy and royal blues to purplish indigos, light teal and turquoises, the options are endless! Additionally, explore some of our ready to use formulation examples in the section below for some blue inspiration.


Stay tuned as our enchanting new interference pigment suffuses each ounce of texture with hovering marbles of indigo sparkle. Ronastar® Blue Lights generates impeccable shifts of blue luminosity that will captivate your customer with visual depth. Create various visual delights like metallic, living and synergistic sparkle effects. Also, Ronastar® Blue Lights can give your personal care products a fresh kick, underscoring moisturizing claims and the like.


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