Color Forecast Autumn Winter 2019/20

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Positive Radicalism

In a world questing for authenticity, pragmatism and kindness, women want to express their uniqueness in radical ways. They are conscious, uncompromising, committed and true dreamers. This POSITIVE RADICALISM encourages humanity to return to a sincere attitude and total commitment, while remodeling ways of thinking and aesthetic forms. There is a desire to live intense emotional and aesthetic experiences, and to embrace a happier and colorful form of vitality.

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  • The Radical Aesthete draws her identity from positive rigor and the love of things controlled and intellectualized. Women seek a way to express their uniqueness in beauty.
  • The Punk Princess masters a form of urban poetics. Returning to regressive pleasure while remaining a committed city dweller, beauty shifts towards a soft activism. 
  • The Amazon Rider is guided by freedom and performance. This newfeminine beauty plays a sophisticated game with the codes of heroism.
  • The Muse Spirit represents a whimsical, festive spirit. Beauty as adream, a romantic, mystical evasion and a connection to theatricalnature.



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Positive Radicalism

This radical woman seeks excellence at all times, for both herself and others. She adopts a “no compromise” philosophy and only has one standard: the best. “I have the simplest taste. I am always satisfied with the best.” Oscar Wilde’s aphorism suits this woman who has made rigor her mission. A pared-down attitude to regain control and get back to the essential.

This committed dreamer is a leader among a lighthearted, yet terribly concerned ultra-urban generation. Dreaming of an alternative at the crossroads of grunge romanticism and street poetics, she colors her urban militancy in regressive pleasures and iridescent tones. This gentle impertinence offers shine to a concrete-clad environment.

This woman lives in the cult of performance. She needs to feel free and alive. She is a truly conquering soul and always elegant. A heroic Amazon, a new horsewoman embodied in a noble, natural aspect on one hand; and a gleaming, mechanical facet on the other.

This woman lives in a world of modern romanticism and exhilarating, sensual beauty. Her lifestyle merges into an almost magical, even mystical dreamscape to make her a modern-day shaman. She is romantic and hedonistic and embodies mysterious, ultra-sophisticated glamour.

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