Color Forecast Summer 2018


Today’s woman is free to express the many sides of her persona without the constraints of fitting into a single box. She can be a leading innovator in high-tech and choose to be groomed to the tips of her manicured fingernails. She can play a sea goddess on holiday then, back at the office, resume her role as high-powered CEO. She can cast herself in whatever role she wants. Feminine beauty has various faces, and what really matters is that each woman has the freedom to be true to herself. 

Let’s celebrate femininity in all of its forms.

  • COLOR THEME #1: Enchanting Goddess enjoys the summer sun, refuses to compromise on beauty, looks and adornment.
  • COLOR THEME #2: Beautista 3.0 plunges us into a world where technology and style coexist.
  • COLOR THEME #3: Sparkling Funambulist takes to the air, combining patterns, colors and shapes to express her fruitful imagination
  • COLOR THEME #4: Captivating Mermaid plays with the natural elements, revealing glorious pigments.


With a magnetic sun shining brightly over Persian landscapes, time is dedicated to leisure and “me-time”. A self-confident woman enjoys exploring the old city and the various market places. Saffron, pepper, vanilla, Damask roses… exotic fragrances and flowery notes merge harmoniously with turquoise, old pinks and faded pinkish shadows. Throwing away the bad vibes, she benefits from natural elements to enhance her femininity and embrace the summer spirit.

Full of light and easy-going, a new generation of beautistas is mixing innovative and digital aesthetic with naïve dolly style. They want to take the best of prospective and disruptive products, even if it means reinventing the robotic codes, while emphasizing their femininity. It results in a happy experimental laboratory full of neo textures and techno-natural.colors. Let the fun begin!

An artistic vibe, deeply rooted in the eccentricity of our time, is inspiring a new generation of creative women.  Wishing to celebrate her passion for fashion and art, she refuses to live by the established rules.  Her look is an arty mix and match of theatrical references, iconic art movements and energetic colors. She chose a “boheme” life to escape the everyday routine and live her own dream. It is carnival time.

A precious, but natural woman benefits from the wonders of endless summer to connect with both earth and sea. Looking for harmony and mystical vibes, she walks by the shore and feels inspired by blue accents, yellow lichen, Icelandic stones… Our modern mermaid is playing with sparkling effects to enlighten a very simple but precious beauty look.

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