Color Forecast Summer 2019


In our world in motion, today’s women explore the fascinating universe that surrounds them and fearlessly confront the unknown. They venture into an initiatory journey taking them to enchanting aesthetic territories. They no longer want to restrict themselves to the division of natural and artificial, real and virtual, refinement and cheekiness, or sunny and twilight. These women enjoy a world composed of contradictions, where anything and everything is possible. It’s time for captivated, captivating beauty!

Discover the stories...

  • #1: The Organic Experimental shows boundless curiosity for biological phenomena. She is thrilled by the vital force of living organisms in a hypnotic race towards metamorphosis. 
  • #2: The Magnetic Vestal is absorbed by the evanescent luminosity of day. As if suspended weightlessly in the air, she initiates a poetic dance among the clouds and rays of light. She is moved, elated and inspired.
  • #3: The Sassy Candid is guided by her visionary creativity and elevates beauty to a lifestyle. Penetrated by an intensely feminine aesthetic, she pushes elegance to the red and rosy accents of cheeky sincerity.
  • #4: The Solar Shaman returns to primitive myths, her beauty shifting towards new adoration: it is tribal, solar, mindful and fascinating. She draws confidently from the world’s cultures and celebrates life with distinctive energy.


This curious, ingenious woman believes in the power of nature. She is fascinated by the vital force of plants and the development of microorganisms. She knows laboratories and enjoys experimenting and hacking living organisms to genetically modify them. In her personal style she pushes biomimicry to self-metamorphosis and dares the craziest contrasts.

This new, musing 2.0 aesthete dreams about a poetic digital future. She is radiant and captivated by the sun’s magnetic glow. She lives in a virtual world surrounded by unreal, evanescent objects. Like an astronaut, weightlessness has no hold on her, as lightness in movement reigns. Her sensuality guides her through the day with a comfortable, ethereal, technological allure.

This woman aims for good taste and declares couture as a new lifestyle manifesto. She is eternally creative and plays on codes with perfectionist elegance for an offbeat, retro vision tinged with surrealism. She is happiest in a very feminine, neo-boudoir ambiance, cheeky and sophisticated.

This shaman celebrates life to the rhythm of the sun and the earth. Influenced by tribal cults and primitive rituals, she envisages the world from a mystical point of view. In an exuberant, festive ambiance, she honors the elements like divinities and draws from their powerful energy. Her inspirations are the fruit of a cultural melting pot assembled in a joyous tumult of psychedelic chaos.

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