Color Forecast Spring Summer 2020

Discover the upcoming cosmetics trends for the season Spring Summer 2020.


Bold and intense, this is a season of every possibility! Dismissing doubts and worries we throw ourselves into the unknown and let loose our dreams. We are excited to be carried away further, higher and stronger with the belief that something else is really possible and a better version of ourselves already exists. By turning the knowledge of the past into a springboard, we reach fresh and extraordinary solutions for tomorrow’s future.


“Precious” is made to embellish the eyes with a combination of interference effects and lustrous shimmer while it promotes repair of the easily damaged skin. The toga white shade filled with unexpected shimmer effects, visualizes minimalism and tradition. Thanks to Timiron® Splendid Gold and Timiron® Glam Silver, you will get a stunning interference effect with reflection color of gold with a dash of silver-white lustrous powder that creates translucent shimmer.

Timiron® Splendid Gold

An exuberant shade to not only take care of your customers’ eye lids but also make them shine! This formulation is a perfect balance between our effect pigments and active ingredients portfolios. This gorgeous and enchanting color? A mix of Colorona® SynBerry Pink and Colorona® Dark Blue. Want the full package? Contact us!

Colorona® Dark Blue

A calming face mask that not only has a fascinating and trendy color but also takes care of and provide a feeling of soothing for damaged and sensitive skin. How you wonder? By using the power of RonaCare® Ectoin, effective protection against environmental stress, mixed with RonaCare® Bisabolol and its natural derived and sustainable power to care for dry or very dry skin.

RonaCare® Ectoin

A very creamy texture with a refreshing shade of mint to take care of the sensitive eye lids. To create this creamy and soft effect, a mix of our RonaFlair® portfolio has been developed. RonaFlair® Extender W has been added to improve the skin feel, application, skin adhesion and processing characteristics while RonaFlair® Boroneige® SF-12 adds velvety softness. Colorona® Majestic Green is the cherry on the top to add the green lustrous color with a truly brilliant shimmer effect.

RonaFlair® Extender W


Did we get your attention with this teaser regarding the Color Forecast Spring Summer 2020? Get in contact with our sales to have a face to face to discover more!

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