EMD’s cosmetic portfolio offers solutions to influence skin microbiome in a positive way. With our complete approach "Prepare the ground" and "Balancing skin’s microflora" we address skin's demands.

Crosstalk between microflora and attractive skin

Skin microbiome and skin health plus gut microbiome are currently in focus – these aspects are linked together and step by step science is delivering a better understanding regarding this network and its crosstalk. Science states the clear but challenging link in-between aging and the balance of skin microbiome. Skin conditions, behavioral hygiene practice of the host and environmental impacts on skin may disturb skin microbiome balance.

EMD's portfolio

EMD's cosmetics portfolio supports approaches to influence skin microbiome in a positive way.

The approach to optimize skin conditions to enable bacteria growing best represents one pillar of our concept. The other important pillar is meeting the demand on beneficial bacteria in the best position for keeping skin's microflora balanced.


We do offer a complete concept regarding this new scientific field within cosmetics. With our approach „Prepare the ground“ and „Balancing skin’s microflora“ we are able to support and address claims with appropriate active ingredients like RonaCare® SereneShield, RonaCare® Ectoin, RonaCare® Isoquercetin and Emblica®. Screening investigations are backing up the positioning of the suggested ingredients. Furthermore a few attractive formulations were created and are able to inspire and meet the microbiome trend at customers side.