April 19

Discover our Sun Care formulation of the month for April 2019!

Luxury Hydrating Self-Tanner

Combine the glowing power of DHA with the sparkling effect of Ronastar® Golden Lights to create amazing glamourous experiences. Rely on DHA Plus - the olfactory optimized self-tanning agent for a quick and efficient tanning 2 to 6 hours after product application. And sustain the tanning experience with RonaCare® Bronzyl™ for a natural looking skin tone. Icing on the cake, this multifunctional moisturizer fulfills must-haves of modern self-tanners: basic balanced sun protection with Eusolex® OCR and Eusolex® 9020, antioxidant defense with RonaCare® AP and anti-pollution properties plus long term hydration of skin with RonaCare® Ectoin.

Best to use after a gentle skin peeling to enjoy an homogenous and even tan!