Melting Body Bar

Discover our formulation example "Melting Body Bar". A great option to combine efficacy and ecological aspects.


Development of ecological cosmetic products produced in a responsible and sustainable way has become more and more important these days. One “clean” option is to develop cosmetic solid formulations: for such formulations there is no need of water and therefore also no need of preservatives, which are often associated with potential negative impacts on the environment, and on the skin, notably on the microbiome. Another benefit is that solid cosmetic products don’t require plastic packs and can be sold with recyclable packs. They can be easily taken in a purse on a daily basis and/or when traveling.


Our suggested formulation is a highly nourishing melting body bar. It contains 1% RonaCare® SereneShield, which notably supports a balanced skin microbiome, 1% RonaCare® Poppy SE, a natural firming agent with proven efficacy on the thighs, 0.5% RonaCare® Bisabolol, a natural and sustainable source of Bisabolol for best skin soothing sensation properties, 0.5% Ronacare® AP possessing outstanding anti-oxidant and anti-pollution properties, proven in multiple efficacy studies. 0.1% Oxynex® LM-CV protects the oils in the formulation from oxidation. A compact and effective clean choice to balance skin microbiome while keeping skin elasticity and beauty – celebrate your body!