February 2018

Formulation of the month

Anti-aging exfoliating gel-to-milk Ecocert

The brilliant exfoliating gel-to-milk is an original and soft way to exfoliate your skin. This appealing color is created by a mixture of the mass tone pigment Colorona® Majestic Green and Timiron® Artic Silver which adds a silvery/blue interference to the green background color. Take off a portion of the gel, spread it on your face and exfoliate your skin by gently rubbing.

The formulation, which contains a high level of oil phase, will form a protective layer on your skin and the RonaCare® Bisabolol will help your skin feel soothed. RonaCare® Ectoin will moisture and protect your skin while RonaCare® RenouMer will improve the density and smoothness of your skin. Once the scrubbing step is completed, add some water on your face and the gel will turn into a light milky substance, which can then be easily rinsed.

Download our Formulation here