February 2019

Discover our Cosmetic formulation of the month for February 2019!

Happy Skin Shower Oil

Keep your skin happy with this gentle cleansing oil specially designed to support the natural microbiome of the skin. It is formulated with a mild surfactant system (no detergent) and respects your skin's natural pH levels. Carefully selected active ingredients help reinforce the skin barrier: RonaCare® AP for powerful antioxidant defense, RonaCare® Ectoin for skin's protection from pollution and RonaCare® Bisabolol for feeling of soothing. And to keep skin bacteria happy and balanced, there is RonaCare® SereneShield – a proven asset to rebalance the skin's microflora.

How to use?

Apply Happy Skin Shower Oil on wet skin, it will turn into a white milk. Clean your skin, rinse, that's it! Enjoy the Happy Skin feeling!