Translucent gel spray

Discover our formulation example "Serum with RonaCare® Balmance and RonaCare® Ectoin translucent sprayable formulation example"


Our new serum contains RonaCare® Balmance, a standard extract of Centaurea cyanus flower (Cornflower) containing the key bioactive ingredient Feruloyl Serotonine. RonaCare® Balmance acts as skin comfort stabilizer for sensitive and problematic skin. It reduces susceptibility to skin redness, skin roughness and itching.

Our new serum contains RonaCare® Ectoin, our established natural cell protection factor. RonaCare® Ectoin is a powerful skincare ingredient that reverses the unsightly effects of daily exposure to environmental pollution and stress, while visibly and measurably reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It also has super moisturizer properties, with notably long-term hydration effects.

The serum is a translucent sprayable formulation, making it very easy to apply on the skin and contains only a few ingredients, which is especially attractive for people with sensitive skin.

Give it a try and enjoy the winter season!


  • Serum with RonaCare® Balmance