January 2017


There is growing concern about mosquito borne diseases including Dengue fever and ZIKA virus spread to people by daytime biting mosquitoes, i.e. the Asian tiger mosquito. Lyme disease is transmitted from tick bites, typically during daylight hours as well. With this formulation, the protection from mosquito bites and ticks provided by * IR3535® is complemented with the balanced UV protection of ** Eusolex® T-AVO – to fully enjoy daily outdoor activities. 

  • * IR3535® offers long term highly efficient protection from mosquito and tick bites, and is most gentle to very sensitive skin of infants and elderly people. IR3535® is suitable for use in pregnant women. 
  • ** Eusolex® T-AVO is an efficient broad spectrum mineral UV filter offering balanced UVA/B protection. Designed with a specific silica coating that allows a versatile use in the oil and/ or water phase to create efficient and elegant formulations.

Download our Formulation here