July 2017

Formulation of the month


Give even the most demanding skin its complete sun protection. Protection against UVA, UVB, visible light and infrared rays is realized with a photostable combination of properly selected UV filters and intelligent antioxidant to neutralize free radicals generated by sun light.

Product highlights:

  • Eusolex® T-AVO - High performing silica-coated broad spectrum mineral UV filter offering balanced UVA/B protection as well as excellent first defense line protection against visible and near IR light.
  • RonaCare® AP - Effectively shields skin against ROS and free radicals induced by UV, VIS and IR radiations for a second defense line.
  • RonaFlair® LDP White - Provides outstanding soft focus effect to blur out wrinkles and imperfections on skin while giving the formulation a powderier feel. The synergistic effect of this spherical functional filler and the organic UV filters supports the well balanced high SPF.

Download our Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Formulation here

Download our Mineral Sunscreen Formulation here