July 2018

Discover our formulation of the month for July 2018!

Vitaminized beauty drink for dehydrated skin

Hot summer season in the northern hemisphere? Cold and dry winter in southern countries? No matter how well you care for your skin, extreme temperatures and weather conditions can be harsh on it. The result is a skin lacking moisture, appearing dull and dry. Restore suppleness and give thirsty skin a moisture boost with a hardworking treatment! Sense and quench skin demands with this „Aqueous Mask for Sensitive and Dehydrated Skin” - it provides multi-dimensional hydration and features:

  • RonaCare® Ectoin to secure water retention in the upper skin
  • RonaCare® Luremin® for humidity maintenance in the epidermis
  • RonaCare® VTA for deep moisturizing and turgescence in the extra-cellular matrix
  • last but not least, RonaCare® Biotin Plus - an improved bioavailable form of biotin, the “Beauty Vitamin” - helps enforce skin’s barrier function to prevent any excess water loss and end up with a smooth and supple skin; a simple age defying solution.