Mineral Sunscreen in vivo SPF50+

Discover our formulation example "Mineral Sunscreen in vivo SPF50+"


It´s getting hotter outside and we need protect ourselves against the negative radiation of the sun. Imagine a high SPF and broad spectrum all mineral sunscreen formulation with an elegant application on skin and great transparency. Inorganic UV filters provide a first line of defense from sun damage with a blend of powerful antioxidants as second line of defense.

Eusolex® T-2000 is our high transparent, amphiphilic treated titanium dioxide, thus it can be smartly distributed in both phases of the emulsion. RonaCare® Ectoin offers super-moisturization, it naturally protects skin cells and is effective against environmental stress. Finally, Ronacare® AP delivers long-lasting antioxidative protection and offers strong anti-radical neutralization power. The right choices for the warm season!


  • Mineral Sunscreen in vivo SPF 50+