March 2017

Formulation of the month


An attractive care also for oily and acne prone skin represents a demand not only for the younger generations. Also mature skin will appreciate a cosmetic formulation offering simultaneous redness reduction and a lasting positive impact on skin microflora and oiliness of skin. Our Anti-redness cream gel offers the solutions sensitive skin is longing for.

An immediate visible redness and shine reduction due the use of the Functional Fillers RonaFlair® Balance Green and RonaFlair® Soft Sphere is realized. Both fillers illuminate the beauty of your skin and hide away unattractive imperfections. 

The long lasting efficacy is based on RonaCare® SereneShield and RonaCare® Ectoin. With RonaCare® SereneShield a superior skin conditioning support for less oily skin appearance is possible – a healthy looking skin will attract everyone’s attention. 

This effect is backed up due to the presence of RonaCare® Ectoin – a natural solution to enforce skin own self-protection mechanisms.

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