Soft Cream with UV protection

Discover our formulation example "Soft cream with UV protection formulation example"


Our highlighted formulation example is an o/w soft cream which offers a bundle of options:

  • The active ingredient DHA Plus is creating a healthy glow and smooth complexion plus superior olfactory properties
  • Eusolex® OCR and Eusolex® 9020 is an effective UV filter couple protecting the skin from the unwanted effects of UVA and UVB radiation
  • RonaCare® Bronzyl® contributes to the natural tanning process and helps to build up skins own defense system
  • With Ronacare® AP you have present an ingredient with efficient and lasting antioxidative protection for delicate skin, with anti-pollution benefits
  • Also contains RonaCare® Ectoin as a natural cell protection against environmental stressors
  • Last but not least, RonaFlair® White Sapphire adds richness and a pure white color to our formulation inspiration