May 2017

Formulation of the month


Sophisticated cosmetic products nowadays appeal all senses. Take in the delicious smell of vanilla and treat your senses to the soft powdery texture all while nourishing and refining your skin to achieve that perfect skin look!

The combination of spherical functional fillers such as RonaFlair® Flawless and RonaFlair® LDP White in combination with a platelet filler such as RonaFlair® Boroneige® SF-3 provides the perfect homogeneity when the product is applied on skin and gives optimum blurring effect. In addition, it leaves an incredibly powdery after feeling on the skin. The subtle skin tone color is created by Colorona® Oriental Beige.

RonaCare® Nicotinamide contributes with a pore refining effect and evens out blemishes. The formulation is enriched by RonaCare® Ectoin a natural solution to enforce skin own self-protection mechanism, which also mainly contributes to the wellness sensation of this sophisticated cosmetic product.

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