Natural Body Melting Bar Nourishing & Firming

Discover our formulation example "Natural Body Melting Bar Nourishing & Firming"


Solid cosmetics tend to be more ecological and are a way to avoid water and therefore preservatives. Moreover, innovation regarding galenics matches consumer desires who are looking for new ways to apply products on skin! These solid body bars are used as a replacement of body milk, body balm or body cream. 


  • Our Natural Body Melting Bar is from 100% natural origin according to ISO16128 and contains 1% RonaCare® Poppy SE, an active ingredient with proven efficacy regarding firming properties. 
  • Efficacy studies also showed that it smoothens the appearance of cellulite. 0.5% RonaCare® Bisabolol is also present in the formulation; it is a natural and sustainable source of Bisabolol for best skin soothing sensation properties.
  • It also contains Colorona® Bordeaux for a light pink coloration of the bar and RonaFlair® White Sapphire, a filler reducing the greasiness and improving the spreadability on skin.  
  • All the EMD products are approved by Cosmos or are Cosmos compliant. Other raw materials may be available as COSMOS compliant quality 


  • Natural Melting Body Bar