November 2017

Formulation of the month

Thirst & Wrinkle Advocate

Hydrate and rejuvenate – Simple but effective mist with RonaCare® Cyclopeptide-5 alcoholfree.

Use a mist to enrich your daily skin care routine with a simple and quick upgrade of hydration and rejuvenation options. This aqueous spray fits in each and every handbag and does its job with every pump – it offers thirst quenching ability for skin. 

Containing RonaCare® Ectoin in it as it offers a complete skin protection to enforce skin and to fight against environmental aggressions. Furthermore, this pure splash offers biomimetic-inspired rejuvenation options to reduce the appearance of wrinkle depth while simultaneously sculpting skin – RonaCare® Cyclopeptide-5 alcoholfree. 

Rejuvenation by communication re-establishment is the mission of this liposome based cosmetic cyclic peptide to mimic skin natural processes. It works on demand and with ultimate precision.

Powerful but simple – instant sensation of wellbeing and stress minimization with real-time enforcement of skin – also fitting for demanding or sensitive skin.

Download our Formulation here


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