Eye Cream-Gel

Discover our formulation example "Dew-Drop Eye Cream-Gel"


  • The Dew-Drop Eye Cream-Gel turns from a light splash of water to a soft and powdery feeling thanks to the functional filler RonaFlair® LDP White
  • The delicate skin around the eyes is infused with moisture and feels smooth to the touch thanks to the combination of RonaCare® Ectoin IQ- representing an even improved quality of our established natural cell protection ingredient RonaCare® Ectoin – as well as the soothing agent RonaCare® Allantoin
  • The natural ingredient RonaCare® Poppy SE, a poppy seed extract reduces the visibility of dark circles and under-eye bags. 
  • The soft-focus filler RonaFlair® LDP White and the skin tone correcting filler RonaFlair® Balance Gold provide an immediate blurring effect and an even skin tone leaving your skin fresh and bright.
  • Finally Oxynex® L-CV Liquid will help stabilize fat and oils in the system. 

Try it out and enjoy the feeling of freshness!



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