Shower & Shampoo Bar

Discover our formulation example "Shower & Shampoo Bar Intense Care"

Made with Perfection

The incredible formulation is a combination of Ronacare® and RonaFlair® that offers an ideal soothing experience.  

  • Contains RonaCare® Bisabolol- A natural cosmetic active ingredient approved by COSMOS that has powerful natural skin soothing sensation properties. 
  • RonaCare® AP delivers a truly advanced solution that enhances the skin’s own protection system and helps fight against pollution. 
  • RonaFlair® Satin acts as a naturally sourced functional filler which is based on illite, a unique INCI with similar attribute to kaolin and mica. It helps in improving the texture and provides an anti-caking effect to any formulation that results in an even, silky finish! 


  • Shower & Shampoo Bar - Intense Care - Silver Grey