Rinse-Off DIY Face Mask

Discover our formulation example "Rinse-Off DIY Face Mask"

Created with Care

This DIY mask is made with powerful ingredients that support the naturally occurring moisturizing factors and reduce the appearance of aging effects on the skin.

  • RonaCare® Epintegrity: Comprises a unique composition of selected natural amino acids and most valuable components of the NMF to fulfill the need of efficient calcium supply to the skin. It also supports skin barrier homeostasis and epidermal integrity.
  • RonaCare® Ectoin: A powerful skincare ingredient that reverses the unsightly effects of daily exposure to environmental pollution and stress
  • RonaCare® Nicotinamide contributes with a pore refining effect to even out the appearance of blemishes.
  • Ronastar® Golden Jewel provides brilliant golden sparkle effect and high color purity, an intense color, a noticeably pleasant skin feel, and ease of incorporation in cosmetics formulations.


  • Rinse-Off DIY Face Mask