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RonaCare® Ectoin - since nearly 2 decades EMD Electronics invests its expertise to discover the benefits of this natural ingredient and its outstanding power to maintain skin beauty. Please find below all our publications about our RonaCare®

  • Download | A global approach to circumvent harmful effects of blue light and IR-A irradiations on the skin
  • Download | Complete Photo Protection - Going Beyond Visible Endpoints 
  • Download | Reduction of protein carbonylation in human skin using Ectoine
  • Download | Elucidation of the Anti-Aging Effects of Ectoine Using cDNA Microarray Analysis and Signaling Pathway Evaluation
  • Download | Ectoin: An Effective Natural Substance to Prevent UVA-Induced Premature Photoaging
  • Download | “Ectoine”; A new candidate for skin whitening: Inhibitory effects on the incorporation of melanosomes into keratinocytes and the proliferation of melanocytes after UVB irradiation
  • Download | In vivo Assessment of Ectoin: A Randomized, Vehicle-Controlled Clinical Trial 
  • Download | The multifunctional role of ectoine as a natural cell protectant 
  • Download | The Protective Function of Compatible Solute Ectoin on the Skin, Skin Cells and its Biomolecules with Respect to UV-Radiation, Immunosupression and Membrane Damage