Enabling Unlimited Acccess for Everyone, Everywhere

A new generation of telecommunication infrastructure with mega-constellations of LEO satellites and 5G terrestrial networks is on the horizon and requires a new type of antenna to connect.

  • No moving parts

    Enables a fully electronically steered antenna design
  • Minimal maintenance

    Reliable components with no mechanical moving parts
  • Space-saving

    Antenna panels can be realized as thin as flat panel displays
  • Frequencies above 10 GHz

    licriOn™ material shows optimum performance above 10 GHz
  • Low power consumption

    Using passive microwave modulation technology
  • Cost competitive

    Leverages existing manufacturing infrastructure of the display industry

"Liquid crystal antennas have the potential to transform cars into fully networked mobile communication systems."

Dieter Schroth

Head of Smart Antenna

We are developing and commercializing licriOn™ liquid crystal materials and technology to enable a new type of electronically steerable antennas and other RF applications.

For us, scientific progress and responsible entrepreneurship go hand in hand, enabling us to create a sustainable future for everyone.

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