November 2019

Discover our formulation of the month for November 2019

Artificial Intelligence

Today’s world is more and more driven by data and the intention to leverage it for developing ever smarter Artificial Intelligence systems. What seemed like Science Fiction in the past, is now getting more and more reality and becomes part of our daily life, from autonomous driving to search algorithms and many others. Constantly aiming for perfection, scientists seek to develop strong Artificial Intelligence systems which will be able to excel the cognitive abilities of us humans. If a machine will be able to simulate human intelligence so precisely, it raises ethical and philosophical concerns. Could it even be a potential danger to humanity? The "emotional coldness" of data and machines inspired us for our formulation of the month November. A fascinating cool blue using our Xirallic® T60-23 Galaxy Blue.

Layer 1

2.182%  Xirallic® T60-23 Galaxy Blue

0.160% Pigment Blue 60

1.436% Pigment White 6

0.656% Pigment White 6

0.065% Pigment Black 7

% pigment in wet paint

Layer 2

2C high gloss clear coat

PWC in dry film 24.24%


Technical Data

Base Coat

1-component water-borne basecoat

Applied layer thickness: 12 – 16 μm

Clear Coat

2K high gloss clear coat (solvent)

Applied layer thickness 45 – 55 μm


The PWC (Pigment Weight Concentration) in the dry film is indicated for each styling

PWC = p / (p + b)

p = total weight pigments (solid)

b = weight binder (solid)

In the dry state: Pigment / binder ratio = (Σ Pigment) / (Total solid content (wet form) – (Σ Pigment)) 

Feasibility for on-line application

The stylings in our color inspirations are intended to demonstrate future effect color directions and possibilities. Although we have tried to make the formulations as realistic as possible, we cannot guarantee their full feasibility for on-line application. A certain degree of modification and fine tuning will probably be necessary.