Ceramics and glass

Our pearlescent pigments enable fascinating and sensational effects on ceramics and glass! Why? They withstand high temperatures (above 500 °C) without losing any of their beauty!

Make the world of ceramics and glass more sensational!

Ceramic colors appear in a whole new light when using effect pigments. Whether sophisticated metallic, strikingly brilliant or flamboyant glitter effects, we offer the right pigment for every need.

As experts in pearlescent effects, we provide pigments for all kinds of ceramic applications: on-glaze, in-glaze, third-firing and single-firing decoration. Our challenge? Pearlescent pigments used in ceramic colors need to withstand not only very high temperatures, they must also be resistant to the chemical attack of molten glass, which comes from the printing base or the glaze.   

Thermaval™ provides the brilliant shimmer of pearlescent pigments in a high-temperature-resistant formulation suited for tableware applications.

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Lumixir® effect pigments provide glass and ceramic enhancement with luxurious bright metal color.

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