Lumixir - Bright metal color

The innovative approach of our Lumixir product series enables the decoration of glass and ceramic enhancement with stunning bright metal effects based on a novel technology.

The fascination in ‘bright metal’ has always existed in mankind throughout our history. Gold and Silver has offered many ways expressing elegant ambience with a little touch of luxury. “Lumixir®” underlines a precious solution, making your products attractive to quality contemporary living. It gives you the possibility to embellish glass and ceramics with exquisite precious effect using innovative and unique technology.

It is metal!
Our innovative color technology enables the up market and cost-effective decoration of your products.
  • Lumixir Endurance

    Lumixir Endurance has been developed specifically for metal-semi gloss decoration on ceramic substrate.
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  • Lumixir Solitaire

    “Lumixir Solitaire” has been developed specifically for metal-high gloss decoration and is currently available for use in direct screen printing and brush application on glass
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