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Controlling Energy

Our products for protection against electrostatic discharge and heat.

Handle the Energy

Energy is everywhere around us. Although you might not see it, you can feel its power. You can enjoy the energy of sunlight on your skin or you can see your hair stick out in all directions if it is statically charged.

What seems to be harmless, pleasant, or even funny can become very dangerous. Too much heat can be harmful to humans and animals or it can damage your goods such as plants and foods. Electrostatic charges can lead to dangerous situations.

Controlling Energy is our technology cluster offering solutions for electrostatic dissipation or solar heat management. Our product series Iriotec® 7000 and Iriotec® 9000 will support you in controlling energy to handle its electrostatic dissipative properties as well as IR-reflecting and IR-absorbing functions.

IR reflection

Our heat-reflecting pigments allow the sun’s visible light in while keeping the heat out.

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High-voltage engineering

Our semi-conductive particles can increase the performance and lifetime of electrical operating equipment for high-voltage engineering.

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Stay on safe ground with our particles for light-colored conductive floorings and protect people and electronics from electrostatic discharges.

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Iriotec® 7000

Iriotec® 7000 light-colored, electrically conductive particles

Iriotec® 9000

Our Iriotec® 9000 heat-reflecting particles keep heat out while letting light in.


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