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We offer electrically conductive particles that are applied to electrostatic-dissipative coatings.

Light-colored conductivity

A safe work environment requires the use of conductive coating applications such as conductive primers, conductive floorings, as well as translucent antistatic coatings.

Our light-colored, electrically conductive Iriotec® 7000 particles are designed for coating formulations that exhibit a surface resistance from 104 to 109 ohms for use in electrostatic-dissipative or antistatic applications.

With their ability to dissipate electricity, they protect people and sensitive goods alike or, in the case of primer application, they facilitate the electrospray application (ESTA) of coatings onto plastic substrates.

Due to their light color, our permanently conductive Iriotec® 7000 particles are especially suitable for surfaces that should be very light in color, and where carbon black could diminish their aesthetic.


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