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This functional cluster is about materials used in light-emitting diode processing such as photoresists, phosphors, and binder materials needed in LED encapsulation – solutions that offer that certain extra.

Shine bright or say it subtly

Light is as essential to our lives as the air that we breath. The impact light has on people and our surroundings is inestimable. Depending on the source, light can be warm, cold, welcoming, stimulating, multifaceted, plain, lifting, or relaxing.

We offer a wide range of materials for processing packaged light emitting diodes for general lighting, backlighting and automotive.

Metalorganic Precursors

Our high-purity metalorganic precursors and dopants offer ultimate uniformity batch after batch. You’ll find our world-class solutions not only in LED chip manufacturing but also in a multitude of applications such as thin-film solar cells, and laser diodes.

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We’re a global supplier of high-performance photoresist materials. These are used for substrate patterning and LED chip manufacturing. Not only do they significantly enhance throughput, they improve adhesion and raise thermal stability.

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Our high-performance phosphor materials are used by a variety of specialist producers to enhance the features and function of LEDs. This is an important technology in delivering effective, energy-saving lighting applications with extraordinarily long lifespans.

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LED Packaging

Our binder materials for phosphor encapsulation offering new possibilities for LED packaging, especially in high power applications. Benefit from high color stability.

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