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Depending on the application and personal preferences, light can be cold or warm. But what impacts the light temperature? The right mixture of phosphors enables you to create the perfect light for your demands.

Transforming blue into white

LED chips usually emit blue light. To deliver white light you need to add a phosphor to the LED. This phosphor absorbs blue light and shifts the light spectrum towards red. Then by mixing different phosphor materials, you can create cold or warm light.

This principle also applies to violet LED chips, not just blue chips. Violet chips emit violet light at a shorter wavelength but is still far away from emitting UV light. For violet chips, you need to add some blue emitting phosphor so the additive color mixture is working and you get the white color in the end.

The way how and in which quantity phosphors are brought into the LED binder depends on the application of the LED device.

For example, in the automotive industry, which requires exterior lighting solutions like headlamps, carmakers like to provide cold and bright light. In other areas such as indoor environments where people want to feel comfortable, warm and clear lighting is preferred – such as in stores.

Our solution for perfect light

isiphor® is our brand for specialty phosphors used in a variety of lighting applications – from directed LED lighting in architecture and interior designs, to LED backlighting for liquid crystal displays, and automotive lighting.

Our latest innovations include isiphor® Full Spectrum (FS) phosphors. These enable you to create high-performance violet chip LED solutions used for general lighting.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Sun-like spectra: 
    • light that is as authentic as natural sunlight
  • Human-centric lighting: 
    • light that can be adapted to match the emotion, comfort expectations, and mood and supports the natural human clock
  • Low blue solution with tunable blue intensity
    • Freedom to choose the level of blue to customize your spectra

Our isiphor® products can be used for three major application fields:

General Lighting:

  • isiphor® Full Spectrum (FS)
  • Cyan materials:
    • Enable production of high-end CRI solutions for blue chip applications
    • Green stabilized silicates (VGA products) improve color quality and produce vivid colors
  • Best-in-class lutetium garnet phosphors (GLG products) for high-power applications
  • VGA materials for vivid lightingapplications


  • RGA 500 series
    • Achieve high-levels of brightness without compromising color range
  • Great alternative for β-sialon phosphor


  • Offer unique phosphors for automotive lighting
  • Enable customized spectra for interior lighting

As experts in phosphor material, we provide the best solution for your application for various product classes.

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  • isiphor® full spectrum phosphors
  • Innovative LED solutions
  • isiphor® - backlighting for mobiles
  • isiphor® - backlighting for TV

On the outside, LEDs look very simple, but this conceals the fact that they actually require a variety of high-quality materials and processes to produce the desired effect. We supply multiple components to deliver, enhance, and perfect LED performance. Our solutions range from phosphors to photoresists, metal-organic precursors, and barrier materials for LED packaging.

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