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Our high-performance phosphor materials enhance LEDs, paving the way for brilliant, energy-saving backlighting, automotive lighting, and general lighting applications with extraordinarily long lifespans.

Light in color

Whether for the application in LED point light sources in architecture and in interior design, for LED backlighting for liquid crystal displays, or for automotive lighting, we supply specially developed phosphors under the isiphor® brand. 

  • For general lighting, we enable high-performance violet chip LED packages with our isiphor® Full Spectrum (FS) phosphors. These allow sun-like spectra and human-centric lighting to maintain natural circadian rhythms.
  • For backlighting, different phosphor options achieve high brightness while maintaining a great color gamut.
  • For automotive lighting, we supply unique phosphors, for example, to customize spectra for interior lighting.

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For general lighting applications, in addition to our isiphor® Full Spectrum (FS) phosphors we offer best-in-class lutetium garnet (GLG products) phosphors for high-power applications and VGA phosphors that feature vivid colors, improved brightness, and reliability comparable to lutetium aluminum garnet (LuAG). 

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Our wide range of phosphors enables you to customize phosphors precisely to your solution's needs. With our product naming reflecting peak wavelength (for instance, SGA 565 100 has its peak wavelength at 565 nm), we ensure easy understanding and help you make the right choice. As experts in green material, we provide the best solution for your application from various product classes. 


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