Anti-scratch coatings

Scratches are a curse, even if they’re tiny. Our anti-scratch solutions provide welcome surface protection for the automotive industry, construction, marine technology, and more.

For surfaces that stand up to scratches

It’s an unforgettable feeling – sitting in a brand-new car with its shiny, flawless finish, or standing outside a building with a perfect facade. Everything is so smooth to the touch. Wouldn’t it be nice if it stayed that way? But just one careless move when getting into a car, and that perfect surface is suddenly marred by small scratches – maybe from a ring on someone's finger, a handbag, or a zipper. With our special coating additives and binders, effective anti-scratch properties can be injected into all kinds of interior and exterior surfaces.

Read on to explore more about our solutions for creating scratch resistant coatings: Durazane® our organic and inorganic Polysilazanes and particle-based additives.

Our solutions that say "keep away" to scratches

Durazane® - Organic and inorganic Polysilazanes 

We provide an entirely new class of coating binders that enables you to add long-lasting protection to a multitude of surfaces and protect them from annoying scratches. An anti-scratch coating containing our polysilazanes forms a dense ceramic layer for extra durability, offering excellent anti-scratch properties as well impact and abrasion resistance. 

Benefits at a glance:

  • Seals surfaces much longer than standard coatings or waxes
  • Smoothes surfaces significantly, making them easy to clean
  • Reduces need for extensive washing

Areas of application:

  • Automotive parts
  • Public transport such as trains and trams
  • Aerospace components
  • Building facades
  • Interiors such as kitchens and bathrooms

Suitable substrates:

  • Various metals such as steel and aluminum
  • Plastics
  • Painted surfaces

Our solution for solvent-borne coatings

Durazane® 5500 our particle-based additive

In comparison to the anti-scratch function of our Polysilazanes based binder systems the Durazane® 5500 is used as an additive, which improves scratch resistance at concentrations as low as 1-2.5% w/w. This makes it ideal for adding scratch-resistance properties to high-gloss, solvent-borne coatings. Our additive delivers these properties thanks to functional particles based on colloidal silica and is particularly useful for preventing micro-scratching for: 

  • Mobility: 

    • Automotive interior & exterior 

Durazane® 5500 can be used in industries requiring a variety of resistant coatings for: 

  • Metal 
  • Glass 
  • Polymers 
  • Wood


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