Wetting Agents - Reduce surface tension.

Need coated surfaces that are absolutely flawless? Use our high-performance fluorosurfactants for superior spreading, wetting, and leveling – not to mention exceptionally quick reductions in surface tension.

Wetted to perfection.

With added performance reassurance.

Wetting agents – known in technical terms as surfactants – are needed to reduce surface tension. This is crucial if you want coatings to spread more easily. As a result, they’re used in a whole host of applications, such as coatings applied to substrates, cleaning fluids, floor polishes, and waxes.

Achieving the perfect surface can be a tricky balancing act. Fluorosurfactants are important if you want to reduce coating defects… but are they safe? When it comes to our products, the answer is yes.
We have created a range of surfactants that deliver all-round reassurance. In fact, all of our fluorosurfactants are non-toxic and non-bioaccumulative. Coatings with fluorosurfactants make it easy to achieve perfect surfaces.

Read on to explore more about Tivida® FL additives, our range of highly effective fluorosurfactants.

Our solution for high-performance leveling and wetting.

Our Tivida® FL range comprises four high-speed ultrashort-chain anionic C2 or C3 fluorosurfactants, which have an exceptional ability to lower surface tension quickly. Our Tivida® FL products 2200, 2300, 2500 and 2700 are surfactants that contain fluorinated alkyl groups. Compared to silicone or hydrocarbon surfactants, fluorosurfactants generally demonstrate a much better reduction of surface tension, resulting in greatly improved performance:

  • Static surface tension reductions of up to 18 mN/m
  • Significantly improved spreading, wetting, and leveling
  • Enhanced surface gloss
  • Minimal cratering
  • Outstanding pore penetration
  • Ultra-low foam development during application
  • Not affected by the EU REACH PFOA restriction

Tivida® FL enables you to create improved coating formulations for a multitude of substrates such as wood, plastic or metal surfaces.

Our powerful wetting agents can be used in a variety of applications:

  • Water- and solvent-based coatings
  • Water- and solvent-based floor cleaning solutions and industrial polishes
  • Water- and solvent-based printing inks
  • Industrial cleaning agents, polishes, and electronic cleaning agents

Our Klebosol® colloidal silica solutions offer numerous benefits for your paint and coating applications. Visit our brand page to learn more.

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