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Modifying Surfaces

Our high-performance coating solutions for long-lasting and brilliant surface protection.

Make surfaces resistible

A car with a scratch-resistant, long-lasting coating. The shiny, bright facade of a skyscraper that resists weathering. An offshore wind farm that can withstand extremes of salt, water, and UV radiation. A glossy wooden chair finish that is durable against the ravages of a three-year-old. What do these four things have in common? They are all coated with products from our Modifying Surfaces technology cluster. Our high-performance coating solutions Durazane® or our Tivida® coating additives can modify surfaces the way you need them.

Architectural coatings

Our coating solutions for architectural applications offer protection from corrosion and weatherability alike.

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Our coating solutions provide anti-corrosion protection in applications for automotive, architectural, and industrial purposes.

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Our product portfolio includes coatings for anti-graffiti protection for the transportation industry.

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Thermal resistance

We provide thermal resistance coatings that withstand temperatures of up to 1000ºC. They are especially suited for engine parts in the automotive and aerospace areas.

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Colloidal silica for industrial applications

Our colloidal silica products are used in various industries ranging from paint, coating, catalysts, and investment casting to electronics.

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Related brands


Durazane®: high-performance coating solutions for applications related to mobility, architecture, and industry.


Klebosol® is a leading brand of multipurpose colloidal silica, with applications in diverse industries ranging from beverages to electronics.


Tivida® coating additives: FL product range of fluorosurfactants and, AS range of anti-scratch additives


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